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By David Wardle Posted in Blog on 11th June 2020 0 Comments 1 min read

Yes, I’ve decided to hold a sale. You can now buy my books at lock down prices. I have reduced them as low as I can whilst still being able to make a small royalty. Let’s get reading!

Sorry though but this is only on the e-books and not the paperbacks. I cannot really cut anything off those prices or I wouldn’t earn a thing. It’s all about the way the printing costs and royalties are apportioned. For instance, the printing cost for Rewind is £3.88 but I have to pay that out of my royalties which is 60% and Amazon need their 40% so the minimum price is £6.47 and if I sold at that price, Amazon would earn £2.58 and I would earn nothing. That price is too high for a paperback anyway but to earn something for myself – the person who actually slaved away to produce the story – it is priced at £7.77 and I only earn 78 pence out of that. It is my best book and the one that would sell if a publisher took a chance on it and I am priced out of the market.

Just a little explanation so that people don’t think I wanted to sell at that price. That is why Trouble Cross is not available in paperback.

You can get still a Kindle surprise though at the reduced prices which can take 3 days to kick in.

Talking about kicks, this time next week the season will be back on. I wonder how many of you will be playing Football’s Coming Home on a loop like I will be.

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