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By David Wardle Posted in Blog on 21st June 2020 0 Comments 2 min read
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What to blog about today? This is hard. Thinking up something that people might want to read on a regular basis, especially when you are not a naturally gregarious person. Someone told me I have to make these blogs upbeat – with no negativity – and brief. As someone who sees the glass half empty and the rest evaporating – I think I have used that before – that is not easy.

Anyway, what is it I am trying to achieve here? Is it about creating a brand? I don’t know if that is the case. I’m not a Kardashian and I don’t want to be one. Technically, I am still a novice to social media. I have had a Facebook account for some years but it only exists because one of the team I played football with invited me to view his page and I had to create my own to do that. I hardly post on it although these blogs do now go on my business – for want of a better word – page. I don’t do the usual Facebook stuff. I mean, who wants to see my meal of fish goujons and supernoodles or know that I went out on my 3 mile lockdown exercise walk this morning and it took me precisely 33 minutes and 10 seconds.

So no to getting branded – no tattoos for me – but I am trying to get my name out there as a writer. A little known one, it is true, but one who hopefully writes good stories that people would want to read, if they knew about them. It has been said that I can write in different styles which I am told is a good thing. It is not hard to see because all my books are different – a comedy thriller, a time travel body switcheroo story and proverb fairy tales. My current one is a straight thriller or I hope that people think so when it is finished – thrilling that is.

The worst blogger in the world? I would say “probably” but then I might have the Danes after me, although they seem to have canned that slogan.

The worst writer in the world? The jury is still out.




Oh, I almost forgot …


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