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Pratt, Pratt, Wally & Pratt Investigate!
By David Wardle Posted in Blog on 15th November 2020 0 Comments 2 min read
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Well, I finally made it. I mentioned so many blogs ago that I was splitting Trouble Cross up into its constituent parts because someone had mentioned that the main story would flow better without the back story and James Bond spoof included. Taking these out was the easy bit and I did that some weeks ago, although not wanting to scrap that work I created two much smaller tomes – T is for … (back story) and Doctor, Oh No! (spoof). That left me with a shorter main novel and I had to do some rewriting to refurbished the gaps left. Then I was left without a new cover. Not being able to find a new designer I eventually tried to create my own again so not brilliant. However, it is now up on Amazon, the slimmed down version, after a rigorous DW diet (no not me – delete words) and renamed Pratt, Pratt, Wally and Pratt Investigate.

Trouble Cross is still there, of course, because I prefer reading the whole thing together as intended. Therefore, that means I now have 6 books on Amazon in total. Not made the magnificent 7 yet but I could if I put Trance – my first novel – up but to do that I would have to type it all out again. SO 6 books but in effect only 3 separate works. Here are the maths:

  1. Pratt, Pratt, Wally & Pratt Investigate + T is for… + Doctor, Oh No! = Trouble Cross
  2. Rewind
  3. Once Upon A Week

Whta it has allowed me to do though is have print version of each component because there is no print version of Trouble Cross because it would be too expensive – more expensive than Rewind which is too expensive. I have mentioned this before but the way Amazon allocate costs make the print versions a bit of a white elephant. Rewind is up for £7.77 and from that I make about £1 (because I have to pay the printing costs) and Amazon make £3. Rewind is around 100,000 words but Trouble Cross is around 120,000 words so the estimated paperback would cost £9 or more. Taking out the two elements mean Pratt, Pratt, Wally and Pratt is around 20,000 words shorter and so similar in length to Rewind. Therefore, even though in my opinion too expensive it does geyt a paperback.

Anyway, it is up there now taking its first tentative steps into the Amazon jungle where it may get lost never to return like its predecessors. Or maybe it might get discovered – did you know I write fairy stories too?

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