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Pratt, Pratt, Wally & Pratt Investigate Further
By David Wardle Posted in Blog on 15th November 2020 0 Comments 1 min read
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Call me flabbergasted. I just discovered something I never knew existed. I was just googling Pratt, Pratt, Wally & Pratt to see if it came up in searches, which it didn’t, but what did come up was a review on Trouble Cross that I never about. It is a fair review and overall a positive one for me, although it must have been written some time ago I think because it seems linked to my ill fated liaison with a certain publisher. Anyway, I am surprised and quite made up about this. Read it on this link:

Spookily this refers to Doctor, Oh No being superfluous to the story and I only find this review at the time I have published a version without that element in it. Could this be a lucky omen.? Hopefully, this may prove a boost to Pratt, Pratt, Wally and Pratt – the same story but more streamlined.

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Pratt Pratt Wally & Pratt reviews Trouble Cross

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