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By David Wardle Posted in Blog on 8th June 2020 2 Comments 2 min read

So as the title says, I may be blogging a dead horse with giving you these clues to solve. I thought it may be because one has to give a name and email address but my website guru tells me it is necessary to validate user input to prevent Lotaspam – a musical sequel I believe. He did say though that one could leave a false name – now who would do that? OK, you can all be Sherlock.

Still we must hail the first person to get one correct even if this was by phone. My old boss Colin and his wife Margaret got the first one. It is very fitting that they did because they were instrumental in getting my books on Amazon in the first place.

Let’s break the first two down to give you an idea.

Sow with Oates to make music – probably the easiest one. Hall and Oates the musical duo from the 70’s and 80’s so the answer is HALL. Well, done Colin and Margaret.

Soccer authority to a tee – so what have we? FIFA, UEFA – both 4 letters and it is a 3 letter clue. What about the Football Association. F and A to a T equals FAT.

Your turn now with clue 3.

Will this merry man brighten your day? (7)

Now, in other news, I do now have a contact page, just in case the one literary agent in the country I have not approached already, happens on this site and wants to give me a big fat advance for publishing all my books. Well, I can dream can’t I?

Finally, I know it will surprise you to know that I have never been shortlisted for The Booker Prize but here are a few other gems that did not make it either:

The Curse of Beauty by Helena Troy

Burnt Offerings by Joan O’Fark

Deeds of Daring Do by S Capade.

Incontinence – The Inside Scoop by P Dalready

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