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The Twelve Ways of Covid

In this time before Christmas, twenty twenty gave to me: Twelve months of Covid Eleven hoarders hoarding Ten for all keyworkers Nein for friendly visits. Eight time for clapping Seven days home working Six for outdoor meetings Five cheers, Captain Tom Four calling Skype Three face masks Two metres distance And a happy birthday handwash.

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Halfway House

Well, I’ve made it. Broken the 50,000 word barrier in my new novel. Trance my first novel was 60,000 words but that was too short. Trouble Cross was twice as long at 120,000 words but taking out the superfluous elements – according to some – means Pratt, Pratt, Wally & Pratt is 100,000 words. Rewind […]

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Pratt, Pratt, Wally & Pratt Investigate Further

Call me flabbergasted. I just discovered something I never knew existed. I was just googling Pratt, Pratt, Wally & Pratt to see if it came up in searches, which it didn’t, but what did come up was a review on Trouble Cross that I never about. It is a fair review and overall a positive […]

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Pratt, Pratt, Wally & Pratt Investigate!

Well, I finally made it. I mentioned so many blogs ago that I was splitting Trouble Cross up into its constituent parts because someone had mentioned that the main story would flow better without the back story and James Bond spoof included. Taking these out was the easy bit and I did that some weeks […]

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