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Let's see what you could have won!

Great! Great! Smashing! Great! This was missing last night from Bullseye as it came back for one evening. There was also no “Let’s see what you could have won!” but the idea of a star prize of a motorboat that had been held in storage since the 1980’s was amusing. The darts players, other than […]

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Let the striker be VAR.

Football is finding its feet again after lockdown and the matches are getting better. My team’s results are encouraging and watching the match yesterday, we are getting back to the old Fergie teams who no matter how many the opponent scored usually scored more. The one element that has not found its feet – and […]

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I have been thinking long and hard about whether to continue blogging – or my attempts at blogging. The reason? I saw my raw website results for the first time in the week and these were quite gutting. Only one follower in fact and the most visitors in one day has been 18. The likes […]

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Déjà Entendu 

A study of contradictions. Lockdown is easing in all sorts of ways, yet a sudden spike in Leicester could mean local lockdowns reinforced. Worrying. I know a couple of people from Leicester who work or used to work (in one case), at the university. That is the University of Leicester and not De Montford by […]

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