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The Tiers of a Town

Christmas is coming. We have the rules down pat. Please put a mask on when shopping for this and that. If you haven’t got a mask some other face covering will do. If you haven’t got that either then on your tod stay you. It is all going to end in tiers. What am I […]

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Well, the Christmas TV guides are out but don’t waste your money on one. At one time one could spend a good hour going through it and circling the shows not to miss. Not anymore. I have used this phrase in a recent blog already but what a pile of Winnie. ITV’s morning programming is […]

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Spread a little Kindleness at Christmas

Twas nearly the week before Christmas and in Book World things are not going well. The marketing push I paid for, which was ostensibly to produce reviews to spread the word, has nearly run its course with no results whatsoever. More money into a black hole of expense. I have been doing my own review, […]

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I am not one for swearing for swearing’s sake but what a pile of Winnie. The Manchester Derby. Ole has let us down again. First, it was not taking off Fred against PSG and now turning out a side to play out for a draw. City were no better. If teams are more scared of […]

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