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Rant and Wreck Tuesday Night Giveaway!

What to do on a Tuesday evening? I know, why not take the Premier League Trophy, wrap it up in shiny paper with a pretty bow and present it to Manchester Shitty on a silver platter. I could not believe the team sheet last night – at least one player I had never even heard […]

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May the Force be with me!

Happy Star Wars Day! This time last year, I penned my first post for this website. This time this year, one year on, and I am pleased to announce that – fanfare of trumpets – the novel is finished. Fourth time lucky. About 7,500 words over this weekend – a personal best. The final total […]

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The Wolves of Ball Street

Well, it has certainly been a week in the world of football, has it not? More controversy than the ‘Hand of God’. On a planet with a worldwide pandemic, when – to turn a well-known cliché on its head – some people have never had it so bad, a privileged absolute minority decide to grab […]

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Not quite there yet though

This is a short one, just to commemorate crashing through the 100,000 word barrier. At the start I was aiming for that to be the total for the new novel but it is not quite finished. Trouble Cross is my longest so far at 120,000 but even that has been reduced now with the Pratt, […]

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