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Rant and Wreck Tuesday Night Giveaway!
By David Andrew Wardle Posted in Blog on 12th May 2021 0 Comments 2 min read
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What to do on a Tuesday evening? I know, why not take the Premier League Trophy, wrap it up in shiny paper with a pretty bow and present it to Manchester Shitty on a silver platter.

I could not believe the team sheet last night – at least one player I had never even heard of. We should have been collecting 6 points this week to bring it down to 4 and making them go out and win it. Instead we put out a team that could not even string three passes together. The number of misplaced balls last night was beyond belief. The fact that Leicester only beat us 2 – 1 is no doubt a subject of extreme embarassment for them when they think about it today.

Of course, my gripe with weakened teams goes back a long way, back to when Fergie used to do it in the League Cup. I have always stuck to the principle that you field your strongest team for every game. If and when you get an injury then use the squad players.

Consider this; football players:

  • Do not work a minimum of 7 hours a day – most of the UK population have to work much harder and longer than this than this to survive but this is the absolute minimum.
  • Do get paid more in a week than a normal person working a minimum of 7 hours a day will get paid in 5 years.
  • Are supposed to be supreme athletes.

Surely they can play 90 minutes of football twice in three days or three times in five days.

Of course, this time it is not the manager that is the main culprit. No that accolade goes to the stupid pratts that broke into Old Trafford last week, and who allegedly are going to try again tomorrow. Well, you stupid pratts, I have one question for you.

Are you haFppy now?

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