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Let's see what you could have won!
By David Wardle Posted in Blog on 5th July 2020 0 Comments 1 min read
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Great! Great! Smashing! Great! This was missing last night from Bullseye as it came back for one evening. There was also no “Let’s see what you could have won!” but the idea of a star prize of a motorboat that had been held in storage since the 1980’s was amusing. The darts players, other than the eventual winners, left a lot to be desired though.

It has been enjoyable nostalgia in the main, these Alan Carr revivals although no one can really replace Bruce Forsyth or, for that matter, Jim Bowen.

Not into reality TV, soaps or documentaries, I have to do a lot of channel hopping to get my fix, usually crime shows. One new programme, which is a sort of prequel, has me scratching my head. Perry Mason is supposed to be the early years of the well known lawyer. Now, I am too young to have watched the original Raymond Burr series but I have seen the later TV movies made in the 80s/90s. The urbane purveyor of justice who was not averse some courtroom theatrics, bears no resemblance to the seedy private eye in the new series who is not averse to bending the law to make money.

I don’t get it. The same series could have been done without tying it to a character to which even the basic moralities seem miles apart. As a private eye show it would have been OK without the tie in.

I will continue to watch but I don’t think this is up my Della Street.

Bullseye Perry Mason

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