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Briefly Upbeat

There were some further sales of Once Upon A Week in the past week. It is gratifying to know that there are some people who feel that my first children’s book is worth buying. I have to assume it is parents, or maybe teachers, or parents who have become teachers in lockdown. Thank you. There […]

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What to blog about today? This is hard. Thinking up something that people might want to read on a regular basis, especially when you are not a naturally gregarious person. Someone told me I have to make these blogs upbeat – with no negativity – and brief. As someone who sees the glass half empty […]

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How Life on Mars turned into Ashes to Ashes but from which a phoenix could rise.

It’s coming home! It’s coming home! It’s coming, football’s coming home! Good news for a lot of us and probably not for others. Of course, this means that Match of the Day is back on Saturday evenings, which is when I have been enjoying a rewind of Life on Mars and then Ashes to Ashes […]

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I have just coined a new word Clockdown – at least I hope I have. There are probably many people trying a few portmanteaus on for size – blockdown, flockdown, glockdown, stockdown. Even I have used the word lickdown, but that was an inadvertent typo. Now I haven’t decided yet whether Clockdown refers to counting […]

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