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You invented a time machine? Out of a television?
By David Andrew Wardle Posted in Blog, Uncategorised on 11th June 2021 0 Comments 1 min read
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Today is an historic day!

Time travel – is it possible? A question that has intrigued man (and women) since the dawn of … er … well, time. Numerous TV shows, films and books have prophesied what might happen if this was possible. I have even written about it myself – ‘Rewind’ available on Amazon at £1.77 (5 Stars – from 8 out of 10 cat owners that expressed a preference.) Today though, we get absolute proof that it is indeed possible.

Currently we are in June 2021 but at 8pm millions of men, women and children will be transported back to 2020. (And who would not want to live the past year over again … er, on second thoughts maybe not.)

Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads. We don’t even need cars (De Loreans excepted) – just a TV.

Come on England! Football has come home again!


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